As DF Platform's CEO, Maxim brings over 10 years of experience in realty investment banking expertise with deep emerging DeFi sector experience from crowdfunding ventures and crypto partnership. Under his direction, DF Platform works to simplify access to attractive investment opportunities.

As a Regional Director, Inna applies her analytical proficiency to expand DF Platformโ€™s European operations. She builds local partnerships across the EU landscape to extend DF Platformโ€™s accessibility. Under her leadership, DF Platform is integrating with key EU ecosystems and policymakers.

Lily leads partnerships and community communication for DF Platform. She fosters transparent communication, forming meaningful connections between DF Platformโ€™s innovations and the wider community.

Hillmont Partners, Legal Advisor

Hillmont oversees legal and compliance matters for DF Platform, leveraging their background as an international corporate lawyer company. They ensure adherence to regulations across multiple jurisdictions where DF Platform functions. Their efforts underpin DF Platformโ€™s ability to operate globally as a legally compliant decentralized platform.

Alex is an accomplished finance professional with over 10 years of investment banking expertise gained at marquee names like BNP Paribas and Deutsche Bank in New York and Kyiv. He brings a global perspective on capital markets to advise Definder on strategic growth.

Evgeny is an experienced Blockchain Architect with over 4 years of experience in building decentralized platforms. For DF Platform, Evgeny designed core blockchain infrastructure for seamless asset tokenization, lending, and governance based on his expertise across protocols like Ethereum, BSC, Polygon etc.

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