Definder represents an international group of companies united by a mission to crowd-financing in real-economy assets.

DF Platform is the first in a line of products of Definder Network, is a vehicle for decentralized funding of businesses and real-economy assets with a crowdloan. DF Platform is a cloud-based application that provides information services for users (asset owners and investors). Product is built on the principles of DAO, where all decisions are made by the community of a chosen project. DNT is a native utility token of DF Platform. DNT will be used to form an insurance pool for decentralized crowd-loan events, conducted and managed by the Community.

It all started in 2017 with a startup in the UK, and in two years we were ready for our pilot launch of the platform. In 2017, we carried out a pilot project in the UK to tokenize a property. Since then, Definder has evolved into a Alternative real Estate financing and tokanization Hub – a place where top real estate opportunities meet meet with investors. Combining Private lending, Yield Staking, Fractal ownership and Refinancing functionality in one – Definder is revolutionising Real estate financing, empowering entrepreneurs and retail investors.

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