▢️System Overview

DF Platform is built on the Binance Smart Chain network and employs advanced blockchain technology with fast, cheap, secure transactions and extended capabilities.

The idea of Platform is to provide open, unregulated access to the platform to facilitate and accelerate real estate and other real-economy assets funding transactions. We strive to eliminate all burdensome steps on the platform that make onboarding or operating difficult for both crowd and business.

The Definder Platform is structured to finance Real Estate projects independent from the locations and types. The System architecture is designed to reflect one of leading mutual funds by leveraging Decentralized Authority Network (DAO), Lending Pools, Smart contracts, and Decentralised Ledger technology .

  • DAO - the system participants can vote on decisions that Definder Platform takes anything from budget allocation.

  • Lending pools - are asset pools that consist of Stable or Definder Network Tokens. Each pool is used to allocate only to a specific strategy that is clearly stated in the pools description.

  • Smart Contracts - Used to create legally binding Lending agreements between the Definder lender and Real Estate borrowers

  • Decentralised Ledger - Technology used to record monitor and track transaction within the System

Due to the decentralized nature of the system, onboarding to the platform is also simplified. There is no need to go through the classic KYC - identification of the email address and wallet address is sufficient for almost all users. Once this simple registration is complete users gain permission to view detailed Due Diligence(DD) on the projects and historical data from the network. However, in order to gain voting and investment rights the users will require to deposit some tokens into the wallet. After that, you just have to wait for the notice when participation in funding becomes available. You transfer the funding amount to the fundraising wallet, and you just have to follow the repayment process and receive your interest.

In order to keep the security standards:

  • All the transactions go through a multisignature wallet.

  • All the projects have to pass compliance checks which includes:

    • Legal Ownership Verification package

    • Financial DD

    • Collateral

    • Track Record

    • Stakeholder verification

  • The Supervisory Board is formed from the top 10 contributors. It allows for swift decentralization of decision making in cases where time sensitive decisions need to be taken.

  • Progress reports on the borrowing projects

  • Regular updates through communication channels

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