What is DF Platform?

DF Platform is a decentralized platform that lets people invest in real estate and other assets by pooling funds together. More - About Definder

Who runs DF Platform?

It is community-run by token holders through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Token holders can vote on key decisions.

How do I use on DF Platform?

You can invest by putting funds into lending pools for passive investing or directly into projects approved by the DAO.

What blockchain does DF Platform use?
How risky are the investments?

Investments carry some risk but they use collateral and strict vetting to reduce the risk as much as possible.

How do I earn returns from investments?

Loans to projects generate interest over time that will provide fixed returns. The increase in token value can also give good returns.

Who approves projects for investment?

Projects are screened by the DF team and then approved for funding by DAO community members through voting.

How transparent is DF Platform?

The platform provides high transparency into fees, revenues, token burn metrics, governance actions, and investor portfolios.

How secure is my data and money on DF Platform?

Strict security standards safeguard user data and funds. Wallets use multi-signature authentication as an added protection.

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