Real Estate Market

At Definder, our vantage of international real estate markets reveals substantial upside for technology-focused financing platforms. We concentrate on high-conviction sectors and geographies displaying data-validated upside.

The global real estate market is experiencing a transformative phase, marked by the integration of technology, environmental sustainability, and demographic shifts. The attractiveness of real estate as an investment vertical is underscored by emerging trends across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, albeit with regional nuances and sector-specific dynamics.

In Europe, the market is adapting to new realities with a focus on residential real estate and specialized sub-sectors like retirement and senior living developments. The importance of ESG considerations is reshaping investment strategies, with a clear shift towards sustainability in construction, finance, and operations. The office sector remains liquid, with prime locations attracting investors due to their inflation-hedging potential and the low supply of high-quality stock fueling market rental growth.

Africa's commercial real estate sector is poised for growth, with data centers and ESG-compliant office spaces driving demand. Despite economic challenges, there's optimism for recovery and growth, highlighting Africa's resilience and the rising interest in sustainable and technologically equipped properties.

In the Middle East, the real estate market benefits from increased government revenues, relaxed foreign-ownership rules, and significant development projects. The region's economies are among the fastest-growing, with infrastructure investments and tourism boosting the real estate sector, particularly in Grade A developments.

The Asia-Pacific region mirrors global trends with a strengthened interest in commercial real estate.

Key investment themes for 2023 include a focus on prime locations, ESG credentials, and a rise of private and sovereign investors. The pandemic, interest rate hikes, and increased mortgage rates have influenced the landscape, yet the region remains attractive for investment due to its economic dynamism and evolving market conditions.

Overall, real estate continues to be an attractive investment vertical, offering diverse opportunities across the globe. The evolving market dynamics, underscored by a shift towards sustainability, technology integration, and demographic changes, present a complex but rewarding landscape for investors. Adapting to these changes, focusing on sectors and regions with growth potential, and incorporating ESG considerations into investment strategies are key to capitalizing on the opportunities within the global real estate market.

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