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Definder's strategic focus on real estate stems from its recognition as a secure and reliable market for investments. This section of the white paper explores why real estate is a key area of focus for Definder and how it aims to democratize access to this lucrative market.

Accessibility to Real Estate Investment

  • High Capital Requirement: Traditionally, real estate investment requires substantial capital, often barring retail investors from entering stable markets.

  • Definder's Solution: By allowing investments as low as $100, Definder opens the doors of real estate investment to a wider audience, providing an alternative to riskier markets like stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Diverse and Profitable Real Estate Opportunities

  • Wide Range of Assets: Definder focuses on a variety of real estate assets, ranging from traditional family homes and hospitality assets to alternative options like student housing pods and non-fixed spaces.

  • High-Profitability Focus: The platform selectively collaborates with projects that show inherently higher profitability, ensuring above-average returns for investors.

  • Global Network Utilization: Definder leverages a network of lawyers, regulators, and partners worldwide, accessing investment opportunities typically reserved for large players.

  • Attractive Investment Offerings: Through these global partnerships, Definder brings the most attractive and viable real estate investment options to its community.

  • Consistent Demand: Real estate markets are generally stable due to the consistent demand for housing and commercial spaces.

  • Tangible Asset Security: Unlike volatile markets like stocks or cryptocurrencies, real estate provides tangible asset security, offering a hedge against inflation and economic downturns.

Geographical Focus and Market Viability

  • Emerging and Developed Markets: Definder targets both emerging markets with high growth potential and developed markets known for stability and consistent returns.

  • Strategic Market Selection: The platform's market selection is guided by thorough research and analysis, focusing on regions with favorable legal frameworks, economic growth, and investment security.

Real estate, as a core investment vertical, offers a blend of stability, profitability, and growth potential. Through Definder's innovative approach, retail investors gain unprecedented access to a market historically dominated by large-scale investors. This democratization not only diversifies investment portfolios but also contributes to a more inclusive and robust global real estate market.

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