Definder DAO's structure provides an innovative approach to governance in real estate investment. It incentivizes active participation through a tiered voting system, enhancing the influence of dedicated community members. The integration of a gamified voting mechanism with a robust project vetting process by DNT ensures that investments are not only democratically decided but also align with compliance and due diligence standards. This approach fosters a balanced combination of community engagement and expert oversight in the decision-making process.

Governance Structure

- Hybrid Model: Definder DAO combines hierarchical elements with participatory incentives. The more active a user is in the system, especially in voting, the more influential their vote becomes.

- Initial Voting Power: Upon registration, each user is allocated a default voting power worth $1000.

- Additional Funds Contribution: Users can increase their voting power by adding funds to their wallet within the system. For instance, adding $100 to the wallet increases the vote value to $1100.

Gamification and Tiers

The voting mechanism is designed to balance fairness and influence. All users have a base vote value, but active participants gain higher voting power.

Voting Power Calculation

Your Voting Power is defined by this formula:

Voting Power = (Base Vote + Wallet Amount) x Tier Multiplier


Base Vote: Fixed at $1000 for all users

Wallet Amount: The dollar amount of DNT tokens held in your platform wallet

Tier Multiplier: Starts at 1x and increases for higher tiers

For example:

  • User A has $2,000 DNT in their wallet

  • They are at Tier 1 level

  • So their Voting Power is:

    ($1000 base vote + $2000 wallet) * 1 (Tier 1 multiplier)  
    = $3000

Tier Multipliers

Higher tiers amplified voting power and benefits via the multiplier:

  • Tier 1 - Base : 1x

  • Tier 2 - Engaged : 1.5x

  • Tier 3 - Active: 2.5x

  • Tier 4 - Leader: 5x

Definder's hybrid governance couples community participation with expert guidance for informed decisions. Projects are vetted before moving for communal vote, balancing engagement with oversight.

Voting System

- Active Voting Periods: The DAO has designated periods during which users can vote on specific projects or decisions.

- Project Voting: Users primarily vote on real estate projects that the DAO might invest in.

- DNT Network: The DNT network presents the terms and the projects for the DAO to review and to vote.

Investment Mechanism

- Combination of Lending Pools and Direct Investments: Investments from the DAO are channeled either through lending pools or directly from users, focusing on selected real estate projects.

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